Lasallian e-Learning Day

Dear Parents/Students,

With reference to the school calendar, 15 March 2019 (Friday) is designated as the Lasallian e-Learning Day. 
On this day, students will not be required to report to school, but learning will continue through online lessons and activities.
Subject teachers have prepared online lessons and resources (discussion forum, quiz, videos, etc.) for students to access 
from home.  Students are to complete the planned e-Learning activities before the deadline, given by the respective
subject teachers. General instructions for Lasallian e-Learning Day can be found on the respective level websites.

1.0 e-Learning Day Information & Instructions:
Students are advised to check your respective level websites (1.1), Instructions and Resources Sheet (1.2) and SJI email accounts 
for up-to-date information leading up to e-Learning Day.

1.1 Level websites:  
Please refer to your respective level websites for e-Learning Day Information at

1.2a Instructions and Resources Sheet (Year 1-4):  
A summary (by Level and by Class) of the e-Learning instructions and resources for students will be sent to Year 1 to Year 4 students 
on Thursday, 14 March '19, 3.00pm onwards.  This Google Spreadsheet contains the subjects which have uploaded resources for students 
to work on during e-Learning Day. Students will have to access and complete all work stated on this Instructions and Resources Sheet by 
the deadline given by their respective subject teachers.  Please consult your respective subject teachers on the proposed deadline for work submission.   

1.2b Instructions and Resources (Year 5-6):  
For Year 5 and Year 6 students:  Please login to Managebac, and instructions (by your subject teachers) are provided within. 
Please approach your subject teacher(s) if you require further clarifications.  

2.0 e-Learning Platforms
Students are advised to check with your subject teacher(s) which e-Learning platforms/online applications (e.g. Google Classroom, Student Learning Space, 
Ace Learning, Managebac, etc.) you will be using  during e-Learning Day, and ensure that you can log in to the relevant online platforms/applications. 

Student guide for Google Classroom is provided below for your reference. 
Google Classroom Login:
Note: If your class is using Google Classroom, kindly ensure that you are able to log in to Google Classroom prior to e-Learning Day. 
PDF Guide to access Google Classroom

Student guides for Student Learning Space (SLS) are provided below for your reference.
Student Learning Space Login:
PDF Guide to access SLS: 

3.0 Technical Support
3.1  For SJI email account issues, please approach our system administrators in the IT Support Staffroom (Blk F2-7) to resolve the problem 
before Wednesday, 13 March 2019, 5:00 PM. You may experience login/access issues during e-Learning Day if you do not resolve this earlier.

3.2  For Google Classroom and Managebac related issues, please approach and/or email Mr. Angelo Argujo ( 

3.3  For SLS related issues, please approach and/or email Mr. Alan Chan (

3.4  For issues with other platforms (e.g. Edmodo, Ace Learning, etc.) please consult your subject teacher(s).

3.5  Students who do not have access to a computer/laptop at home can loan a school-owned laptop/tablet from the ICT Department on e-Learning Day.  
However, as the number of school-owned laptops/tablets are limited to 20 sets,  the availability of these laptops/tablets is on a first come first serve basis.  
If you require to loan a school-owned laptop/tablet, please email your request to IT Care ( Wednesday, 13 March '19, 3.00pm.   

Thank you and have a fruitful e-Learning Day on 15 March 2019.