18 Apr 2020 (Sat) - [FOR IMMEDIATE ACTION] Reset your SJI G-Suite Account Password

Dear Year 6s,

  1. To help ensure a safe learning environment and safe-guard against intrusions, we will be performing a central password reset on all students' G-Suite accounts from 17 Apr (Fri), 1900 hrs onwards.
  2. Students will be prompted to set a new strong/complex password (12 characters or more using a combination of letters and numbers). You are not to share the new password with others.
  3. Please be informed that you must use your SJI G-Suite account to access your teacher's Google Meet sessions. Your teachers have been advised not to admit any student who is using another email account to request for access.
  4. Please complete the G-Suite account password reset by 20 Apr (Mon), 0730 hrs. Your TG Tutor will be following up with you on Monday morning check-in time on this.
  5. Please refer to the infographic below on how to reset your G-Suite password. For your immediate actions, please.

22 Mar 2020 (Sun) - Easter Term Begins (Year 6 Matters)

Reminders from Mr Syaifudin

Please ensure that your uniform, hair, shoes and socks are acceptable for school (refer to the attached document and also your School Diary pg. 73-74). Your Form Tutors will do a check daily/weekly and will remind you to get them fixed if there are any issues. Ensure you get your hair cut and fixed over the weekends. For those with facial hair, you are required to shave them. Only those who had provided us with official letters (due to religious reasons) are exempted. Socks must also be plain and above your ankles, without any prints and motifs. Disciplinary actions will be taken if you fail to comply with the requirements.

  1. Uniforms are to be worn on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. The tie should be worn every first school day of the week from morning until 9.30 am. Casual Friday Polo Shirts can be worn on Wednesdays and Fridays only. Fraternity shirts can only be worn during the first PE lesson of the week. All students are to change out of their PE/Fraternity shirts and shorts after PE before going for your next lesson/recess. Please practice good hygiene and adhere to this.
  2. Every student must have a working thermometer. In view of the current situation, every student must take their temperatures twice daily. The new stock of thermometers will cost $7.90 each if you wish to purchase them from Student Services Office or the bookshop. Students who forget to bring their thermometers will be informed that disciplinary actions will be taken if they forget to bring them again the next time. If you are feeling unwell, please consult a doctor and stay home to rest.
  3. Do continue to be punctual for school and lessons. For those who have been late for school on 3 or more occasions, please ensure that you make the effort and necessary arrangements to ensure that you reach school on time. For the rest, keep up the good habit of being punctual and remember to factor in buffer time (at least 15 minutes) to take into consideration traffic conditions and also the need to use the bathroom every morning. You should aim to be in your classrooms by 7.25 am rather than arriving at the main gate at 7.30 am. "Arriving late is a way of saying that your own time is more valuable than the time of the person who waited for you."
  4. A gentle reminder for all of you to be responsible for your own items at all times. We have had incidents of personal belongings going missing because students have left them at the canteen unattended or left them on their classroom tables for a prolonged period of time. Please utilize the lockers provided so that you do not lose your personal belongings. Handphones should not be used between 7.30 am until dismissal time. Earphones, headphones and airpods should be removed upon entering the school compound. If you fail to heed the above, your handphones, earphones, headphones or airpods will be confiscated.
  5. Do keep recreational play at the designated areas at the track and on the field only. No games should be played at any area of the academic blocks, including the Oval. For the basketball court at the PAC, you are only allowed to use them from 2.30 pm onwards. For those who use the small goalposts during recess, please return them to the side of the field after use. We suggest you end your play 5-10 minutes before recess ends to keep the goalposts and cool down before you resume your next lesson. For those who remain in your classrooms during recess to complete or catch up on school work, please ensure you behave in an orderly manner. We have had accidents (injuries/broken windows) in Term 1 due to students fooling around in the classrooms/classroom corridors.
  6. Lastly, please continue to exercise good personal hygiene and keep our school premises clean and litter-free. There are ample visible rubbish bins for all of you to dispose of your rubbish. Do clear your plates and cups after you are done with your meals. Classes will be assigned tables during recess/breaks and you are to wipe-down the tables after use. After the last lesson of the day, all classes are also to wipe-down your respective classrooms (materials will be provided). This additional measures allow us to ensure the spaces that we use are clean and hygienic.

Let us all play a part in ensuring our school environment is clean, safe and positive as we begin the new term, especially during these challenging times. We look forward to seeing all of you again on Monday.