Letters from the school

20230516-TD for June hols.pdf

Travel Declaration for Mid-Year School Holidays (dated 16 May 2023)

20230425-SJI 171st Founder's Day on 28 Apr and Early Dismissal on 2 May.pdf

171st Founder's Day Assembly on 28 Apr & Early dismissal on 2 May
(dated 25 Apr 2023)

20230224-Updates for March hols.pdf

Updates for eLearning Day and March school holidays
(dated 24 Feb 2023)

20230206-Inaugural Assembly.pdf

SJI Inauguration of the Academic Year on Friday 10 February 2023
(dated 6 Feb 2023)

20221231-Updates for School Term in Jan 2023.pdf

Important Updates about Returning to School
(dated 31 Dec 2022)